Christians in Action - a group of young people from across Europe who join together for up to two weeks for a time of practical short-term work with a project, as well as times of Bible study, worship, fellowship and prayer.


International Mission Teams are small groups of young people from across Europe who spend a year together engaging in long-term mission alongside a local church.

Mission Opportunities

EMYC believes that mission is at the core of Christian life and that as a pan-European organisation we are in a unique position to enable both short- and medium- term mission opportunities to young people.


CinA (Christians in Action) projects have been running most years for at least the last 10 years. They typically last two weeks and bring together physical work, fellowship and the skills of the participants to give practical help to a Methodist project. Previous projects have included helping with the renovation of a Methodist retreat centre in Germany, building and assisting with running European Methodist Festivals and helping with the building of a camp in Latvia. Previous CinA participant Rob, from Britain, says "The CinA project that I went on in Germany was the first time that I had travelled abroad on my own; the welcome that I received, the friends that I made, all that I learned about people from other countries in Europe and the sense of achievement at the end of the project made it a valuable and unforgettable experience."


IMT (International Mission Team) projects are one-year mission placements with a local church in Europe. Participants will typically join with an existing mission initiative with a church and spend the year engaging with the local community, bringing together the needs that are identified with the skills and giftings of the participants.