International Events

Every year, EMYC member countries organise loads of events for young people and their families, many of which are open to attendees from across Europe; the larger ones are often multilingual and offer translation services and local help with organising accommodation and transport. These are posted to the EMYC Facebook Page.

Youth Workers

EMYC exists to help youth workers from across Methodism in Europe share resources, network, support each other and pray for each other. For a peer-maintained list of resources, contacts and an insight into EMYC's work, head over the the EMYC Wiki, which is the main place where we work both at our council meetings and throughout the year.

EMYC, Young People & Youth Workers

Work with young people has been at the core of EMYC since its inception in 1975, and has adapted over the years to meet the needs of the Methodist church in Europe. Currently, we focus on two things: enabling young people from across Europe to attend events held by EMYC member countries, and networking youth workers across Europe for mutual support and strengthening.

Events such as youth camps and locally-organised festivals are made open to young people from across Europe; in previous years, EMYC members have worked with organising teams to help ensure that preparations were made for international visitors;

Those who attend EMYC Council meetings find that the friendships that they forge naturally lead to opportunities for exciting work together, for conversations with people who understand and who can offer support and their own unique insights into work with young people. While our meetings are structured around these conversations, they are not exclusive to those who attend the meetings. The inner workings of EMYC are open to all on the EMYC Wiki and on Facebook- and it's open to anyone to come and join in the conversation.